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Albuquerque Arts

Culture, Sand, Enchantment.

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With a rich culture full of several ethnic backgrounds, New Mexico thrives in presenting a very artistic environment in all aspects. This group is for the artist and for an appreciation of the arts of New Mexico. It includes all aspects of art in relation to the New Mexico area and is only limited by the reaches of the imagination.

Rules :

All Posted Art Must Be Done By Residents Of New Mexico.
If you are not a resident of New Mexico and want to post your art consider joining another community or creating your own community.

Respect each other and their art pieces.
If you are unfamiliar with doing a critique look here and here.

Cite the work sources.
Either the artists name and/or a valid current url to the creators website.

Post all pictures behind lj-cuts. You may post one picture without an lj-cut, but it must be small in size. If it is not small in size the post will be deleted for using the groups bandwidth. Post more than a paragraph of text behind an lj-cut.
example :
Put in front of the text block or picture <lj-cut text="put title here"> And after the text block or picture,
put </lj-cut>

*top above image courtesy of http://www.math.unm.edu.
*critique link courtesy of http://www.goshen.edu, Marvin Bartel, Ed.D., Emeritus Professor of Art.

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