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Seeking fisheye lens for a Nikon D70


I am a UNM student doing a group project in clay animation through photography. The animation will be made for a Dome (think: planetarium) and thus will require a circular fish eye lens. The resulting images should look like this:

I have called every camera store in town to rent a fisheye and the only one who could help me out was Field and Frame. A guy there said he could look into it for me but that he didn't currently have or know of any offhand. After talking to him I called everyone else back to see if they had any fisheye to buy and they didn't.

I called everyone that I saw listed in the yellow pages for photo equipment: Camera and Darkroom (they only heard of and carried truncated/full frame fisheye), International Spy Shop, Kurt's, Ritz (heard of, but wasn't in his catalogue), TJ's, AP-T Repair, and Photo Graphic Systems (no answer there).

Is there perhaps a student, photographer, or someone who could rent me the lens I need? Or even a camera and fisheye if you don't happen to have a lens for Nikon but do have a camera with a fisheye? Any advice?



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