ivdied (ivdied) wrote in abqart,

For Sale.

So there is something wrong with my powermac g4 motherboard, and i cant seem to get it fixed. so i will be parting out my box asap. here is what i have for sale. i believe all are priced cheaper than ebay. paypal or local(abq) pickup. or ill call shipping 7 bux and ill just pay the difference, except the monitors. please let me know if you are interested.

Aria Extreme Wireless PCI Card(w/box + manual) 70.00
1GB pc133 sdram(2 kensigton 512 sticks) 100.00
160GB Hitachi hard drive(New, w/box) 80.00
M-Audio DX4 Powered Monitors(w/box) 100.00(pair)
M-Audio 192 PCI card/audio interface(stereo i/o midi i/o spidif etc) 100.00(w/box)
Apple Monitor 17" Aqua 40.00
Pioneer DVR-109 Superdrive 16xDVD burner 42/48x cd burn 40.00
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